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Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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5 apr 2021



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dew ok
dew ok 8 minuter sedan
I watched this so many times.. The music and atmosphere gets me tbh..
aman lala
aman lala 26 minuter sedan
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Judah Atanázio 34 minuter sedan
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Judah Atanázio 59 minuter sedan
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Judah Atanázio Timme sedan
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Judah Atanázio Timme sedan
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Judah Atanázio
Judah Atanázio Timme sedan
Judah Atanázio
Judah Atanázio Timme sedan
Oi tudo bem vocês Boa noite é Eu que si fala o filmes
Kevin VH
Kevin VH Timme sedan
This trailer really needed the Brazil theme.
Arthur Brandon Nielsen
Loki: I am a God Mobius: A puny one Loki: Will I never live that down?
Lisa Samir
Lisa Samir Timme sedan
You know Loki is the most beloved villain of all time when his series trailer gets more views than Black Widow movie
YASH RANA 3 timmar sedan
Physics wallah se koi hai yaha unke playlist se mila😂
Cristian Serret
Cristian Serret 3 timmar sedan
This is what I want to see
indresh gupta
indresh gupta 3 timmar sedan
Umm Nats? @2:06
seededsoul 4 timmar sedan
What is this? DragonBall Z? The Good Place? Legends of Tomorrow?
Venkata Sai Tarun Kasiraju
Can't wait.
Universal Pictures Asia
Good movie
Sriharshith Kundurthi
Sriharshith Kundurthi 5 timmar sedan
Tom Hiddleston is the best actor for loki
DOPE MEME 5 timmar sedan
We want a clip of when loki falling for 30 mins
BEAVER DAM MAKER 5 timmar sedan
I hope Disney never acquires WB cause then it would own DC too. Shitty af Marvel. They made Venom family friendly as well. Venom was supposed to be R rated
ibbilish 6 timmar sedan
Well, he can be trusted 😂😂😂
Avishek Sarkar
Avishek Sarkar 6 timmar sedan
I think loki is the most lovely villain in the MCU
Trisha Angeline Lansangan
This was posted 2 weeks ago and my tom/loki heart cant help but to visit this everyday.. loki its been a long time
Trisha Angeline Lansangan
Loki fandom: did loki really died? Marvel: Yesn't
Mohamed haneef
Mohamed haneef 6 timmar sedan
We want loki series in tamil dub
Mohamed haneef
Mohamed haneef 6 timmar sedan
We want loki series in tamil dub
Mohamed haneef
Mohamed haneef 6 timmar sedan
We want loki series in tamil dub
Mohamed haneef
Mohamed haneef 6 timmar sedan
We want loki series in tamil dub
Mohamed haneef
Mohamed haneef 6 timmar sedan
we want loki series in tamil dub
prince rai
prince rai 7 timmar sedan
Bhai hindi main bhi aayegi kya
Zaīnab Mahmood
Zaīnab Mahmood 7 timmar sedan
Man this looks good
chakka manasadevi
chakka manasadevi 7 timmar sedan
You might disagree with me but this is the best trailer produced by marvel ever!!!
Beudd Shdhd
Beudd Shdhd 8 timmar sedan
So... Tomorrow, we have The Falcon & Winter Soldier's last episode and we will have to wait until june 11 to watch Loki... The waiting is killing me
Yahya Playz
Yahya Playz 8 timmar sedan
Loki literally got us in first 02:17 minutes
Jaya Chandrika
Jaya Chandrika 9 timmar sedan
Why is Loki doing a Joker at 2:09
DrangonXtreme 22
DrangonXtreme 22 9 timmar sedan
Ok so lightning McQueen and Loki are teaming up with each other
Brandon Echegaray
Brandon Echegaray 10 timmar sedan
So it’s “catch me if you can” meets marvel
Khan Baba
Khan Baba 10 timmar sedan
Am I the only one excited to see the Loki as a super hero 🙄🙄
M g
M g 10 timmar sedan
HUSNA 11 timmar sedan
It's that natasya ?
Jose Rijo
Jose Rijo 11 timmar sedan
Ok so Loki has to face the Time Keepers because of the distortions he caused. What about what Captain America did? I hope they answer this.
CuteDragon1 11 timmar sedan
2:06 no one acknowledged that black widow is just chilling with Loki here
Shree D
Shree D 11 timmar sedan
Need it in hindi
Luna Toons
Luna Toons 12 timmar sedan
Why is nobody talking about 2:06 🥲
Ahsanul Ahsan
Ahsanul Ahsan 12 timmar sedan
What the hell! Isn't loki die?
Noobalator 12 timmar sedan
Tommy Boy lookin' a bit ripped.
rikku 13 timmar sedan
2:00 potential meme template
Karan. Soni.
Karan. Soni. 13 timmar sedan
Is it available in hindi too?
Ghaidaa Hadash
Ghaidaa Hadash 13 timmar sedan
I have a feeling it will be dumb and doesn't make sense 🙄.
Dhanbu Lovables
Dhanbu Lovables 15 timmar sedan
Tamil great fan of loki😍😍😍😍😍 I love him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
zenchouu 15 timmar sedan
i can guest where this is going, you're trying to bring back iron man
zenchouu 15 timmar sedan
2:08 this here makes me feel his joker persona
Fareed Ansari
Fareed Ansari 17 timmar sedan
I don't believe Loki is back 😲 3rd time
Michelle Peterson
Michelle Peterson 17 timmar sedan
not Black Window literally being in this trailer 😳😳 2:06
Ooi Yong Enn
Ooi Yong Enn 17 timmar sedan
Mobius:"You literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times" Loki:"Well I would never do it again" Viewers:*proceed to wait for that 51st time*
Bagus Santoso
Bagus Santoso 18 timmar sedan
so it was true, cap messed up the timeline
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 18 timmar sedan
Loki ka Official hindi trailer kb aayega
G L 18 timmar sedan
i'm guessing that the reason for the numerous fonts for loki is that there are many variants of loki
Binod Murmu
Binod Murmu 18 timmar sedan
Everything is with great suspence.. fantastic movie trailer..
shyantan 19 timmar sedan
Ofcourse..LOKI..The God of Michief..❤❤
surya krish
surya krish 20 timmar sedan
Loki is the only villan whom people can't stop getting excited to see.
Jesusisking 20 timmar sedan
Repent Jesus is coming soon
Richard Cheng
Richard Cheng 20 timmar sedan
I was watching Midnight in Paris last weekend and realized that Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston were both in that and had great chemistry in their scenes together, so this should be great. Also Marvel alum Corey Stoll from Ant Man was also in that.
Diben Gaming
Diben Gaming 21 timme sedan
The scores for these trailers are SO GOOD. I'm hoping they continue with this bomb soundtrack for this series. Even if they're only going to use it for an intro/outro.
Maite Chipatecua
Maite Chipatecua 22 timmar sedan
Did anyone realize that in minute 2:06 there is Natasha and Loki.
ZIAD Khaled
ZIAD Khaled 22 timmar sedan
سلسلة الأصلي يتدفقون 11 يونيو
ZIAD Khaled
ZIAD Khaled 22 timmar sedan
فيلم لوكي هينزل 11/5/2021
TheRAMBO9191 Dag sedan
How does this movie speak loki? Seems like it's another film but with loki slapped as title. Feels off.
Morgan Heffernan
This is not how I imagined them brining Loki back to life
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Dag sedan
y’all better don’t kill him again this time 😭 HE DESERVES BETTER
Coco Suma
Coco Suma Dag sedan
Now he’s just being cute 😏
Lachlan Theobald
does this mean Kang the conqueror will finally be a part of the MCU because its to do with time 😍
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 20 timmar sedan
Kang the Conqueror will appear in MARVEL Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
JOHN D DIME Dag sedan
Looks way better then falcon and winter solider.
Mr. C
Mr. C Dag sedan
so good to see owen wilson back. a generation of young people don't know who he is.
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart Dag sedan
"This Absurd"
ANGRON Dag sedan
Loki bringing Boku back. lol
Jorclon Dag sedan
Are we gonna ignore Natasha at 2:06?
Samuel D
Samuel D Dag sedan
2:06 has got to be black widow
MYQCH Dag sedan
N K Dag sedan
,"It is adorable that you think you can manipulate me."
Imam Priambodo
Imam Priambodo Dag sedan
Im buying $dis stock after this
Addy Dag sedan
Marée Dag sedan
Abhijeet Maheshwari
2:06 looks like black widow
Jewt Scamander
Jewt Scamander Dag sedan
*Lady Loki
ชื่ออะไร กูไม่รู้
epik Dag sedan
Thats “loki” dope. Get it? Haha- 😏
Ruby Adawiyah
Ruby Adawiyah Dag sedan
is it bad that im more excited about loki than shang-chi? 🥲
Random60fps Dag sedan
Wish he could get the JOKER role too :(
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